Your credit repair journey begins here.

Quick Start Video 1- How to use Total Control Credit

Your credit repair journey begins with Quick Start Video 1, where we walk you through how to use Total Control Credit. Each step is easy to follow and the brilliant software does most of the work for you. Begin your repair process by completing the short tutorial videos before creating your first dispute letters.

Quick Start Video 2- Your Dashboard

The dashboard is easy to understand. It guides you through the entire dispute process by showing you what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. The dispute process is dictated by federal law and it's important to work within the timelines provides on your dashboard.

Quick Start Video 3- Creating dispute letters

Quick Start Video 03 demonstrates how to create your first round of dispute letters. 

Quick Start Video 4- Results and follow up

The dispute process is a multi letter process of disputes that build on top of previous disputes. It would be great if it only took one disputes to resolve a dispute. But most of the time it requires follow up letters. This video outlines the follow up process.